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Signs of Drug Abuse Requiring Long Term Drug rehab

There are some signs that family members and friends can look for to determine if someone needs to be intervened on and also to decide if long term drug rehab is needed.

Following are some, but not all of the signs that you can look for if you expect someone is using drugs and need treatment. The fact that someone is displaying some of these signs does not mean that he is abusing drugs or alcohol or need long term drug rehab. However, the more of the signs hat are there, the bigger chance that there is drug or alcohol abuse going on.

While every drug has its own signs and symptoms there are some common points that can be watched for.


  • He may start dropping hoppies and things he was interested in before, such as sports, music, certain subjects in school, career. This usually includes a drop in activity level in general and just kind of a disinterest for things that he was earlier enthusiastic about.
  • The person may start wanting to be alone more and spend a lot of time in his room or outside the house. If this is a change of behavior and he is withdrawing more and more form the rest of the family it can be a sign of drug abuse.
  • You suddenly notice that he is being very secretive. Forexample carrying his backpack all the time and not wanting to let anyone see what is in in. This can also be suddenly locking the door to his room. Sometimes the person will go on about his right to privacy.
  • Someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol may suddenly drop good friend he has had and start hanging out with a different crowd of people.
  • His behavior may change. This includes mood swings - being OK one moment and then being ngry a little later. He may become agressive or very introverted depending on the drug used and where he is at in the cycle of abuse.
  • Some drugs are used intravenously with needles. One sign of drug abuse can be a person suddenly always wearing long sleeves and not wanting anyone around when he showers.
  • One sign of drug abuse is a person suddenly missing school or work. It may come gradiently, but get worse and worse and various excuses are given that often do not even make sense.
  • The new contact may ne a complete different type of people than what he was associating with previously. It is often people who do not have the best of behavior and who can seem shady and dishonest.
  • A person who is developing a substance abuse problem and needing long term drug rehab may start refusing to tell where he is going when leaving the house. Also he may stay out all hours of the night and his schedule gets turned upside-down where he sleeps duing the day and stays up at night.
  • You may start seeing that things are missing from the house. This can be money and other things of value such as jewelry. You can notice that the person suddenly does not have things he had before such as an IPad, an expensive watch. It can mean that these things are being used for or sold for drugs.
  • Something to check if you expect drug abuse is the person's health. Sudden weight loss can mean abuse of certain substances. He may get a sunken and unhealthy look and have no appetite. This is a definite sign of drug abuse requiiring long term drug rehab and should not be taken lightly. There could be other health problems and the person should have a medical check-up which can include a drug test.
  • A person abusing drugs will almost always develop a pattern of lying so that he can cover up the drug and alcohol abuse. This can start early on in the cycle of drug abuse because almost everyone knows that using drugs and abusing alcohol is not OK with other family members and they need to lie about their whereabouts, where the money went that they spend on drugs, etc.


While no one want to believe that a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol, it is important to not ignore the signs abose. Talk to the person as earlier as possible. Do drug and alcohol testing. Then if you are confirmed in your suspicion do one of the intervention steps as you can read about on our intervention page.


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