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December 26, 2013


National Institutes of Health (NIH) has done a survey that shows that marijuana use among young is increasing.

The survey shows that the number eight to 10 graders who believe that marijuana is dangerous has dropped over the last decade. It also shows that teens are using it more often and that the lax attitude towards marijuana will most likely cause a continuing increase in marijuana use amonght our youth.
The National Institute on Health surveyed 41,675 students from 389 public and private schools, and found only 39.5% of 12th-graders thought marijuana was harmful, which is down from 44.1% last year. Marijuana use among high school seniors has increased as well. This year, 6.5% of seniors reported smoking pot daily, a slight increase from the 6% who reported the habit in 2003 and the 2.4% in 1993. While the increases were relatively small, there is also the factor that the THC levels in marijuana have increased from 3.75% in 1995 to 15% in current marijuana.

When surveyed about usage over a month, it turned up that 23% of seniors reported smoking in the past month, 18% of 10th-graders and 12% of eighth-graders.  Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute o Drug Abuse stated that we should be extremely concerned that 12 percent of 13- to 14-year-olds are using marijuana. She said that “The children whose experimentation leads to regular use are setting themselves up for declines in IQ and diminished ability for success in life.”

The survey also looked at where teens are getting marijuana. It showed that the fact of medical marijuana having been legalized in some states may be underneath the rising use of marijuana among youth.  In 2012 and 2013, 34% of high school seniors who used marijuana and lived in states where marijuana is available for medical use, said they obtained the drug through someone else’s medical prescription. 6% said that they had their own prescriptions which is amazing for that age group. The fact that some states are [pushing hard to also legalize recreational use of marijuana, will probably only result in more use among our youth.

The good news is that there was a drop in the use of synthetic marijuana (K2).

It is really scary that marijuana is such on the rise. There is research that shows that THC (and many other drugs and toxins) stay in the tissue of the body long after the drug is taken and that it causes ill effects on a person’s health as well as ability to learn and process information. Seeing that there are so many young people that think that smoking marijuana is OK and this is in the years when they are supposed to develop physically and mentally. The whole complacency about marijuana should be studied much more closely and all I can recommend people is to use common sense. Is it OK for our youth to ingest a drug into their body? Does it make sense that it is harmless?

You can find some great educational information at www.drugfreeworld.org. This web-site was developed as a free educational tool and there are videos and booklets on all the main drugs including marijuana. There videos and booklets are the most truthful I have found on the subject and they include real life examples of people who destroyed their lives because they innocently started with marijuana.

I strongly recommend that parents to talk to and educate their kids on the subject of drugs and do not buy the propaganda that smoking some pot is harmless. Many youth smoke it for a while and quit but some get completely addicted and need to smoke it every day and you never know if that is going to be your child.

If you know someone that has become addicted to marijuana and not able to quit, it is important to seek long term substance abuse treatment. Marijuana can be just as hard to quit as heroin or other “heavier” drugs. Some people who have smoked marijuana for a while and then try to quit will get very moody and even aggressive to the point of violence. Their minds and bodies have been numbed for so long that suddenly having to live with reality is more than they can take. There is also the physical aspects of natural resources of vitamins and minerals being burned up which can cause a feeling of anxiety, difficulty sleeping, aches and pains or simply a non-descript bad feeling.

The sad thing is that the only way the addict knows how to relieve all those feelings is use of drugs, so they may go back to marijuana a or if really trying to quit go see a doctor and get prescriptions drugs.

Good long term drug rehab centers will help a person be able to be happy, feel good physically and excel in life without any drugs.

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