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February 23, 2014

The Dangers of Marijuana Use

We like to publish news information that affects the need for long term drug rehab. More than anything, there is a big concern for the increase in marijuana use and abuse.

Dr. Nora Valkov, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse recently lectures on the facts and dangers of marijuana abuse. We feel that this information is extremely important for parents as well as people who are considering taking advantage of the more and more lax laws about marijuana. We believe that the legalization in some states as well as the prapaganda about marijuana not been addictive or dangerous will simply nlead to a bigger and bigger need for costsly long term drug rehab centers. We welcome the factual informaiton that Dr. Nora Valkov provided and will summarize it here and provide out comments.

A scary statistis is that 2.4 million people are newly exposed to marijuana every year. It is expected that this number wil rise with the legalization of the drug.

Despite the propaganda stating that marijuana is not addictive, there are definitely statistics that shows that the younger a person starts using marijuana, the bigger chance that they will be adidcted. Most young people start using while they are already under the influence al of alcohol.

Recent surveys showed that 6.5% of 12 graders use marijuana on a regular basis menaing daily or almost daily. According to Dr. Valkov the number may be considerably higher because the survey oly included those in scjool and many of the youth who smoke marijuana on a regular basis do not go to school and thus were not include din the survey.

Dr. Valkov pointed out the actual change in a person's brean chemidtry with use of marijuana and that it does in fact produce addiction. There is an increase in dopamine (the feel good reward chemical and it stimulates the opiod receptions.

It is clear that youth who use marijuana are less able to memorize, have poor motor coordination and are less able to pay attention. It also affects cogitive ability. A person who smokes marijuana on a regular basis is much less like to be able to complete an education. There is evidence that regular use of marijuana causes an 8 point decrease in IQ.

The estaimte is that 9% of those smking marijuana will actually become addicted. If the regular use of the drug starts at age 17 of younger that statistics goes up to 16 percent. Considering how many young people are exposed to marijuana, that is a very high statistics.

Dr. Valkov also points out that marijuana is a gateway drug and that the younger a person starts using marijuana, the more likely they are to get addicted to other drugs.

It is even pointed out by Dr. Valkov that this increase an marijuana use puts us at risk as a nation. So many youth will not be able to be probaperly educated and if the tend continues we may not be able to out perform other nations.

There is propaganda that marijuana is "cool" and that it helps people relax, etc. yet, in Dr, Valkov's lecture she points out that regular marijuana users are much less satisfied with their lives and their accomplishments than those who are drug free. In other words, it does not increase life enjoyment.

Added to the dangers of the drug is the fact that the potence of the marijuana has doubles in the last 10 years, so it is not like the marijuana that was used in the sixties.

Dr. Volkov says that the most effective action is prevention and education. We thoroughly agree with that and we are publishing this information in the hopes that it will deter people from starting to smoke marijuana.

Solve Marijuana Addiction with Long term Drug Rehab

In our opinion the most effective treatment for marijuana use is a biophysical program. As we see from the lecture of Dr. Volkov, theconstant use of marijuana affects a persons learning and cognitve ability.It also lowers IQ.

In a biophysical program, the is a procedure by which the residues of toxins from the drug are removed form the body. There is IQ testing before and after the prcedure and apparently IQ goes up so one could conclude that getting the toxins out of the body may restore normal brain function and enable the person to have a fresh start.

It often takes time for someonewho is abusing marijuana to realize and/admit that they need help, but parents and family members should intervene as soon as possible to stop the useas the longer it goes on, the older the person is going to become and it will be harder to start a career and make something out of their lives. I do not thing that anyone who is around a regular marijuana user will fail to notice their rediced IQ and ability to thing clearly and act. One can also often notice that if for some reason a regular user does not have his drugs, he will become very agressive or moody.

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