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There is nothing more devastating for a substance abuser and his family than going to treatment and then relapsing. One of the main reasons that someone relapses is that he did not go to a long term drug rehab center. What is long term drug treatment? If you search for long term drug treatment centers in the Facility Locator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, treatment program more than 30 days is considered a long term drug treatment center. Yet, research done by the National Insitute on Drug Abuse shows that less than 90 days treatment for someone severely afflicted with substance abuse is not successful. On this web-site, we consider long term drug and alcohol treatment to be 90 days or more.
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There is a small section on biophysical treatment in another article, but I wanted to expand on it here.

Many years ago when I had a loved one that was struggling with addiction and I was a professional in the field, I thought that I knew what to do. I send my loved one to the “best” rehabs. These programs were the upscale, typical 12-step programs and very expensive.
As a consultant to drug and alcohol treatment programs, I stumbled into a biophysical program and after some convincing got my loved one to go there and it ended the addiction.

What is a Biophysical Long Term Drug TreatmentProgram?

It is a long-term drug rehab program. It is also open ended treatment program that is not based on the 12 steps. Everyone goes through the treatment at their own pace. The idea is that every person is different and you cannot decide beforehand how long it will take a person to get well and truly overcome their addiction.

These programs do not subscribe to the idea that addiction is an incurable disease, but believe that the addiction stem from physical or mental problems that can be fixed, so that a person can get on with his/her life.

The biophysical alcohol and drug rehab programs have some method of cleansing the drugs from the liver and fat tissue of the body. This cleansing process takes as long as it takes, but it typically takes between two and four weeks. The most effective methods that we have seen use a sauna sweat-out program that using nicine and other vitamins to help liberate the drugs from the body so that they will detox through the skin via the sweat. The end result is a person taht is feeling "clear" and much less toxic. Their IQ increases and their reaction times are shorter. They no longer have the confusion that is caused by being toxic. Alien chemials in the body cause many problems in thinking, motion and emotions. Getting someone to this level of freedom from their self-induced chemical exposure is vital in helping someone to have the freedom to analyze their behaviors and make the changes needed to be in a stable recovery and no longer have irrestiable cravings that are caused by the drugs ciruculating in the bloodstream and by the thinking distortions that come from these drugs.

A lot of research on what are the barriers to addiction has been done to develop and codify the biophysical program. The barriers are:

The first barrier that someone has is the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Even when someone is through the initial withdrawal symptoms, he or she will still crave the drug for a long time. It was found that when a person takes drugs, some of the toxins actually store in the fat tissue and makes it really hard for someone to get back to feeling any semblance of normal after they have taken drugs.
The person will feel sluggish, depressed, exhausted and the only way he knows that he can relieve those symptoms is to take more drugs.

Biophysical programs has a procedure by which they use very specific vitamins and other supplements, exercise and sauna to get all of those toxins out of the body. It is reported that this procedure really helps a person feel “fresh” again even after many years of drug abuse. It also enables the person to get out of the “fog” that many addicts live in when they are or have recently abused drugs. Most importantly maybe, is the fact the many ex-addicts report that they stop having cravings for the drug.

We see that almost every person coming off of drugs will feel depressed. The person may have been depressed before using drugs, but once they have used for a while and stop they are almost certainly going to feel depressed. Many programs will observe that the person is depressed and refer to a doctor or psychiatrist to get anti-depressants and they then get stuck on those drugs.

In the biophysical programs, there is no use of substitute drugs or psychiatric drugs. There is a lot of therapy to help the person get to the root cause of the addiction and help them with issues in life. The idea is that depression has a cause and a reason and that you cannot handle it with more drugs or pills, but that you have to roll up your sleeves and help the person get to the root of what is causing him and then help them get on top of it or find some acceptable way to deal with things, so that it does not have to haunt the person the rest of his/her life.

The person learns life skills and coping skills so that he feels that he can manage his life in all its aspects (self, family, work, etc).

A person coming off of drugs most often has accumulated guilt about all his transgressions while being addicted to drugs. Almost all addicts know that they have hurt people around them. Often they will steal and almost always lie about their use, their whereabouts. Just the guilt of what they have done to themselves weighs heavily. The feeling of guilt alone can be a reason for someone to continue using so that they can cover up those feelings.

If this feeling of guilt towards himself, his family his friends and actually the world do not get addressed, they will keep bothering the ex-addict for the rest of his life and he will always feel that he is less of a person.

In biophysical programs, there is a very exact procedure by which the person can face all his transgressions, take responsibility for them and do things to fix it so that when he leaves treatment, he is able feel some pride in himself.  It also helps with self esteem and being able to move on with his life rather than wallow in the past.

Biophysical programs have other elements and aspects but those are 3 key barriers that have been isolated and that are thoroughly dealt with. As mentioned a big plus is that there is no set time to the treatment. Every person is different, so one may complete in 4 months and another in six months. I have even seen someone stay for 11 months. Most of the programs has a price structure so that there is a flat fee for the program and once that is paid, the person stays as long as he or she has to to successfully complete all steps of the program. Insurance is also accepted in many of them.

All the centers that deliver this particular program are not-for-profit organizations and fee for service. They are all long term drug rehab centers.

If you would like more information about this type of treatment, call us and we will get you a referral to a long term biophysical rehab program. 1-888-871-7060.